Today, the fourth of June, is World Fertility Day. It is a very special celebration for the team and patients at ProcreaTec. On this day, we take the opportunity to reflect on the importance of the scientific advances of fertility treatments and infertility issues that still need to be resolved.

World Fertility Day is the ideal moment to celebrate that, at ProcreaTec, thanks to scientific developments and a very complete and well-rounded professional education, we are able to help many couples realize their dreams. Given current fertility problems, we have more effective and safe solutions today than even just a few years ago.

This 4th of June we remember the women we have helped become mothers with the help of technological advances and with our signature individualized patient care.

Many women who feared they would never be mothers, have found effective treatments in in vitro fertilization, egg freezing or in specialized techniques such as reciprocal IVF, among others.

Topics to think about on World Fertility Day

Today is a great opportunity to also reflect on unresolved challenges in fertility.

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that, despite the important developments in the past few years, infertility continues to be a significant health problem in the most advanced societies.

The causes of infertility are wide-ranging and about one in six couples have trouble getting pregnant. And infertility is not gender-biased, it affects men and women equally.

Many times, couples wait too long to consult with a specialist and the prognosis worsens. It is estimated that about half of the couples who suffer from infertility never go to a specialist and their problem is never resolved.

Another aspect to think about because it relates to infertility in more developed societies is that women increasingly delay their maternity. This factor affects the probability of success in pregnancy because egg quality is almost always age-dependent. In these situations, assisted reproduction becomes an essential collaborator in achieving motherhood and forming a family.

One last thought: an increasingly more diverse society

This June the fourth, it is also important to remember that our society is more and more diverse, incorporating new family models. The profile of the couples who come to our clinic to seek fertility treatments has changed in the past decade. In the recent past, the heterosexual couple who desired a child was the typical patient and the most frequent one. Nowadays, to heterosexual couples we add other types of patients: single women who want to become mothers, homosexual couples, widowers and even single men (in other countries where the law permits it).

Fertility treatments have given way for people to be able to have children who, up until now, for social or biological reasons could not create a family, thus consolidating these new family models.

Our clinic offers personalized treatments to people with different personal and health circumstances, independent of their family model. The common goal for them all is: to become parents.

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To sum up, this June fourth, and the rest of this month, let us celebrate the importance of fertility, one of the greatest treasures we have as human beings, and one we should care for. Let us also celebrate the fact that we have more and better tools to fight infertility in our plural society, even though there is still ground to cover.

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