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Who are the egg donors in Spain?

Spain is ranked as one of the top countries for egg donors, year after year. Forty percent of egg donations in Europe take place in Spain, according to the V International Fertility Symposium organised by the Spanish Fertility Society. This means that in addition to the donation of blood, bone marrow and other organs, Spain sustains life through egg donation.

What does egg donation consist of?

Egg donation in Spain is an altruistic and anonymous act regulated by the law. A straightforward procedure is used in women younger than 35 to extract their eggs so that other women are able to use them.

The data compiled every year by the Spanish fertility Society (SEF) and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) demonstrate that success rates for treatment using donated eggs is the highest of all results.

Who are the egg donors?

The Spanish law on reproduction stipulates minimum requirements that must be fulfilled by egg donors. These include: being under the age of 35, general good health, genetic screening, and gynaecological and psychological tests in order to ensure that the donor is healthy and suitable for donating eggs.

Beyond the requirements stipulated by the law, egg donors are young people committed to the society in which they live. They are women who have decided to undertake treatment to help other women make their dreams come true.

These young women are students or they work, and many have already experienced being mothers and want other women to be able to have the same experience. These are women who seek to help those around them, who aim to give something small to help in a big way.

egg donors in Spain

Our donors

Some months ago, we conducted an anonymous survey based on three simple questions. Here are some of the most heart-felt responses:

What motivated you to become a donor?

“Being able to help other women experience the huge satisfaction of being mothers.” Lucia, 28.

“Helping other women become mothers who aren’t able to have children and help them enjoy this completely unique life experience.” Romi, 24.

“Helping couples who want to be parents but can’t. I feel happy knowing that I can help.” Lorena, 26.

Why did you choose to be a donor at Procreatec with the OVODONA programme?

Things that I read on the Internet seemed reliable and I rang to get further information.” Lucia, 28.

“A friend who had already been a donor recommended it to me as she was really pleased with the service.” Ruth, 22.

What was it like being a donor for the first time?

“It was fantastic knowing that I was doing something that would enable someone else to have a happy ending.” Alma, 24.

“I felt excited and really happy.” Maria, 27.

There are lots of different reasons why people decide to become egg donors but all of them have one thing in common: the desire to help others have a family and make their dream come true.

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