What should I expect during my first free consultation?

ProcreaTec in London

What should I expect during my first free consultation?

ProcreaTec in London

ProcreaTec is an international fertility clinic located in Madrid, the Spanish capital city. Since our foundation in 2008, we have benefitted from the high qualification of our multidisciplinary team of gynaecologists, embryologists, nurses, psychologists and professional patient care staff. Мore than 50% of our patients come from abroad.Therefore we have developed a special patient care program in order to meet the needs of our patients in different countries.

An individualised patient care is the philosophy of our daily work and we have been continuously improving our services and skills since the very day of our foundation, in order to give our patients the most advanced technology in the field of the assisted reproduction as well as the most individualised patient care.

Our commitment to the continual improvement is the key to our over the average pregnancy rates. We guarantee an extremely high level quality of care, safety, trust and personalised attention. Our work has been awarded by the International Quality Certificate ISO and the European Certificate UNE, which makes us part of a small number of Spanish private clinics that have these prestigious accreditations.

ProcreaTec offers all types of fertility treatments allowed by Spanish law, such as IVF ICSI, artificial insemination, egg and sperm donation, genetic tests and techniques for a precise sperm selection, etc. At each treament stage, our laboratory puts the most advanced techniques at your immediate disposal to optimise your chances of success. Our goal is to make your treatment as stress free as possible and to help you to achieve a happy pregnancy and a healthy child as soon as possible.

Dates of the free consultations

November 15th and 16th, 2019

The founders of the clinic, Dr. Jennifer Rayward and Dr. Lourdes López Yañez have over 25 years of the experience working in the field of Human Reproduction and Fertility.

Dr. Rayward will represent ProcreaTec in London on the 15th and 16th of November  and offer you a free personal consultation in order to establish your initial diagnosis and present you the most suitable treatment techniques based on your medical profile and individual wishes and requirements.  

What do we offer?

We offer you a free individual 40 minutes consultation during which Dr. Rayward will evaluate your case, make a preliminary diagnosis and suggest a provisional treatment plan based on your individual needs and medical history.

The goals of this consultation is to help you to find your way in the field of the Assisted Reproduction, to understand the basic concepts and to become aware of the reproductive techniques you have at your disposal. The evaluation of your case, the initial dianosis and the provisional treament plan will help you to make the first steps on your way to a happy pregnancy and a gorgeous healthy baby.

We offer these free consultations because we understand the importance of the immediate direct contact with the doctor when you are faced with your most personal and intimate concerns and fears. For this reason, the consultantion with Dr. Rayward will be strictly private and confedential. Afterwards, you will be attended by a patient care assistend who will explain you the organizational part of the treament.

We are looking forward to meeting you in London on 15th and 16th of November!

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Patient meeting in London

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