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 What is ERA Test?


This is an innovative test which allow to evaluate the receptivity of a woman’s endometrium. This test increases the possibilities of having a successful embryo transfer in some of our patients.


When is the endometrium receptive for embryo implantation?

Generally, the best implantation moment happens between days 19 to 21 of a menstrual cycle, this is 5 to 7 days after ovulation and it is called ‘implantation window’.

What is the Endometrium Receptivity Array Test?

This test consists on the analysis of a sample from an endometrial biopsy performed either on the seventh day after ovulation –in case of a natural cycle–, or on the fifth day of Progesterone intakes –in case of a substituted cycle; when a patient is taking hormones for endometrial preparation.

Once the sample is analyzed, the doctor obtains the expression of the 238 genes involved in endometrial receptivity and is able to classify the endometrium as receptive or non-receptive on that day.

What is it used for?

The ERA endometrial receptivity test is used to evaluate the state of the endometrium and to determine if there is a receptive genic profile or not in the hypothetical moment of embryo transfer. This will let us know which is the perfect time for embryo transfer, increasing implantation possibilities. The aim is to create the same ideal situation in a following cycle transferring the embryos on the very same day the sample was taken.

If the result of the test shows a non-receptive endometrium, the test should be repeated until the ideal moment of receptivity is found.

When is it indicated?

This test is, at first, indicated for those patients who have suffered several implantation failures having transferred good-quality embryos, morphologically speaking, and whose uterus and endometrium are apparently normal.

This test should always be recommended by a gynecologist and the doctor should be the one who evaluates the results. The report from the center will be then sent to the patients after that.

At ProcreaTec, ERA tests are available for all patients who need it. Increasing possibilities of pregnancy when the patient shows the abovementioned profile is our top priority. Our medical team will suggest the test to patients only when they consider it the most adequate solution to use the obtained information to increase patients’ pregnancy possibilities and favor the outcome of further fertility treatments.

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