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What do we know about male infertility?


Demanding physical work, high blood pressure or taking pharmaceutical drugs can negatively affect male fertility, reveals a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health and University of Stanford, California.  The study, which used a sample of more than 500 couples who were trying to conceive and who had been having sexual relations without using contraception for over a year, has revealed significant findings about male fertility.  The men were required to provide extensive information on their health records, jobs and social lives. Their sperm samples were also analysed.

–   The study revealed that 13% of men with demanding physical jobs had lower sperm counts.

–   At the same time, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and other common factors were analysed, revealing that only those men with high blood pressure showed lower sperm counts.

–   Lastly, the influence of taking medicinal drugs was analysed for its impact on male fertility. Scientists concluded that men who took more pharmaceutical drugs had a lower sperm count.

The objective of the study, according to the project director Germaine Buck Louis, was to explore the influence of environmental factors and the general health of young men (the average age of the men who took part was 31.5 years) on their fertility. According to Louis, if additional data is obtained quickly the percentage of couples who are unable to conceive in the first year can be reduced.

There are lots of variables that affect people’s health and fertility, which is why ongoing research is needed to combat and reduce the percentage of people who are still unable to make their dream of becoming parents come true.

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