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In 2019 we announced our merger with the IVF-Spain fertility clinics to become ProcreaTec By IVF-Spain. Together we formed the group IVF Life with clinics in Alicante, San Sebastian, Madrid and now Baden-Baden (Germany).

Almost a year later and thanks to our common work, the IVF Life group is one of the largest assisted reproduction groups in Spain. Thanks to research and continuous technological innovation, we have expanded our scientific and nursing infrastructure.

Now we are going one step further in our merger process and become IVF-Spain Madrid. The name change is intended to strengthen our identity as a group, our brand and above all the values that distinguish us as a group.

Because a brand is more than just a name. IVF-Spain Madrid is our seal, our identification symbol and represents the spirit of the whole IVF Life Group, where the human being is and always will be the most important thing: “Science comes first, but our patients are the most important thing”.

At IVF-Spain Madrid we are committed to innovation and research. We understand science as a tool to make people happier. The closeness and warmth with which we treat each patient is and will remain the guiding principle that marks our path in this new stage.


Welcome to IVF-Spain Madrid. We know how.


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