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Vitamins and Fertility


In a recent post we talked about the importance of following a balanced diet to boost the chances of getting pregnant in a short time period. Today we will explain what vitamins must be included in your diet.

Basic vitamins for improving fertility include:

–    Vitamin A. Improves sperm maturation taken in sufficient quantities. It is contained in butter, peaches, carrots and egg yolk.

–    Vitamin B1. Impacts upon mood, as a type of ‘upper’, and the nervous system. It is contained in almonds, walnuts, some legumes and dairy products.

–    Vitamin B6. Balances female hormones and is contained in fish and pork.

–    Vitamin B12. Helps the body absorb iron. Animal-based products are an important source of this vitamin.

Vitamin B6 for women and B12 for men are essential for good reproductive health.

–    Vitamin C. Helps increase male fertility by increasing sperm quantity and quality. Guava, strawberries, tomatoes and spinach are good sources of vitamin C. It is especially recommended for male smokers as its antioxidant properties mitigate the harmful effects of chemicals in tobacco.

–    Vitamin D. A powerful regulatory hormone that keeps hormones balanced. The biggest source of vitamin D is obtained through exposure of the skin to sunlight, but it is also contained in certain foods such as salmon or mackerel.

–     Vitamin E. Helps body absorb calcium and is found in nuts, seeds, etc.

Other minerals

–     Zinc. In specific quantities on a daily basis it helps balance testosterone levels in men and regulate hormone levels in women. Meat and shellfish are an important source of this mineral, in addition to wheat germ.

–     Selenium, in a measured intake, is helpful as it is a powerful antioxidant. It is contained in tuna, chicken, and fortified pasta.

At our centre, if necessary and when recommended by our medical team, patients will have a nutritionist at their disposal to help increase the couple’s reproductive potential, by combining healthy diet with an exercise plan adapted to the needs of individual patients.

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