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Vitamin C improves sperm quality

sperm quality

A recent article published by the American Society of Andrology reveals that ageing has a negative impact on sperm quality and motility.  The drop in quality does not just affect the chances of conceiving but can also give rise to other symptoms, which include erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, vocal changes, infection of sexual organs and decreased muscular tissue, according to the clinical guide on male infertility by the European Urology Association.

Ageing in all its aspects is impossible to curtail, at least for now. However, the American study suggests that male ageing on a cellular level can be slowed down significantly by simply taking vitamin C.

Vitamin C facilitates tissue growth and reparation, and is also a strong antioxidant.

A study conducted in Texas, US, which saw male 18 to 45-year-olds embark on treatment that involved taking 1000 mg of vitamin C every day, recorded greater motility after 60 days and a drop in abnormal gametes. These data were confirmed by another study published in the journal PNAS (Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences).

What foods contain vitamin C?

The following foods all contain vitamin C and should be factored into a person’s diet: pineapple, orange, papaya and forest fruits.

sperm quality

If tinned foods, cereal, seafood or fish -foods that contain greater quantities of metal- are consumed, foods that are high in vitamin C should be increased.

Other foods that help sperm quality by improving the morphology and motility include red fruits and vegetables, such as pepper and tomato, which are rich in lycopenes, according to research by the Harvard School of Public Health (US).

It is also recommended to increase intake of vitamin E, which boosts antioxidant effects. This vitamin is found in garlic and broccoli.

Independently of these studies, it is clear that eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins E and C helps improve sperm quality and quality of life.

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