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Using birth control before a fertility treatment: how can this be correct?

Although it seems contradictory to talk about using birth control before initiating assisted reproduction treatments, in the following paragraphs we will tell you the details about when and why contraception is used.

Contraception in assisted reproductive treatments

Before starting some fertility treatments, birth control pills or other types of contraception are prescribed. The main reasons for using the pill in the pretreatment stage is to achieve ovarian quiescence. This prevents ovulation and this also induces all antral follicles to be the same size when commencing treatment. Contraception can also be used to program stimulation if specific dates are contemplated.

Contraceptive and pregnancy in egg donation treatments

In egg donation treatments, the contraceptive pill is almost always used since it is not only the patient, but also the donor, who is involved. Contraceptive pills allow the donor and recipient to synchronize their periods and thus begin the treatment plan on both sides: egg stimulation in case of the donor and endometrial preparation in case of the recipient. Thanks to the pill, the patient can decide the time that best suits her to be able to undergo the treatment.

And what happens when frozen or vitrified eggs are used?

Nowadays most clinics store frozen or vitrified eggs. This allows some patients, who are in need of a specific day for embryo transfer, to be able to carry out an egg donation cycle without stressing over the dates. The eggs are obtained by stimulating donors and vitrifying the eggs until when the recipient schedules the cycle. In these cases, many times the doctor will prescribe the pill in order to target a specific date. This is also recommended when the natural menstrual cycle is not regular.

In this case, the patient’s endometrium is prepared and then when she is ready, the eggs are thawed and microinjected.

The patient has two options: She can take the pill to plan the exact date and time of the treatment, or proceed with the natural menstrual cycle, and begin the endometrial preparation on the second day her period.

Embryo adoption, contraceptives and pregnancy

The same type of treatment plan pertains to embryo adoption treatments. Only the patient’s menstrual cycle has to been taken into account since the embryos are frozen, so the patient is either programmed with or without the pill according to the dates she requests.

Another advantage of embryo adoption treatment is that the patient can plan the treatment in advance, because she will have to go to the clinic only on the day of the transfer.

At ProcreaTec we organize personalized treatments, taking into account the needs of the patients. The use of the contraception depends on each case and will be indicated when it helps to facilitate the path to pregnancy.

If you have any questions about the process and treatment, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation with our doctors’ team.

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