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Updated information regarding COVID-19:

Updated information regarding COVID-19

Travel, PCR-test required upon arrival to and exit from country of origin and destination.

Official sources: Government agencies/Embassies/Consulates in Spain.

UK Government

Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland

Irish Embassy in Spain

Portal Spain Health

We will carry out free-of-charge antigen tests for all our patients upon arrival at the clinic who do not have a vaccine passport or are not yet vaccinated with both dosis, as vaccinated people have a low probability of contracting covid-19, and even lower probability of developing severe disease if they are vaccinated.

We also have a PCR test in saliva. With a simple sample of saliva this test is performed avoiding the discomfort of nasopharyngeal extraction. This test is intended for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid in saliva samples.

We maintain the possibility to receive online consultations

Telemedicine was already a reality in our centres. Therefore, all patients who wish to do so, may continue to make their first visit online. You can request your online consultation here.


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