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Travelling for egg donation

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The thought of having to travel for egg donation is always stressful for a couple if they have to do so. How long will they have to stay in the city where the egg donation will take place? Where will they stay? How will they get there? How much will it cost? Don’t get overwhelmed with anxiety; the centre’s coordination and patient care service will help you, providing support at all stages of the process.

Duration of the visit

First option: The couple can make an initial visit, to meet the medical team, the coordinator, the centre and its facilities. Following this visit, they will be able to freeze a sperm sample, ensuring that everything is ready on the day of egg retrieval from the donor. This means that the number of nights spent in a hotel can be reduced. On the next visit, only the embryo transfer will be performed. Overall, the process consists of two trips, each lasting two or three days.

Second option: If the couple is unable to make an initial visit they must be there on the day of egg retrieval from the donor so that the sperm sample can be taken on the same day. This option entails staying for approximately one week, from the day of egg retrieval until the day of embryo transfer.

Bear in mind

Embryo transfer is normally performed on the third day of fecundation (egg retrieval= day 0). However, when planning the visit, take into account that the embryo transfer may be performed on day 5, when the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage.

Where to stay

During your visit, try to enjoy time between visits to the clinic. This makes the choice of hotel important. If you are not staying in the city centre, look for a halfway option, giving you easy access to tourist areas and the medical centre. It never hurts to relax during the treatment and treat yourself.

As regards cost, consult the clinic as they can often give you advice depending on your budgetary requirements. Medical centres will usually be able to facilitate special rates on a range of hotels.


Madrid is a beautiful city where you can make the most of your visit. The relaxed atmosphere of this typifying European city, its different neighbourhoods and pedestrians streets, and its great range of leisure and history will make the time you spend in Madrid unforgettable.

Madrid airport is 25 minutes from the city centre by car and 40 minutes in public transport. Madrid has one of the best public transport services in Europe, which means that you can avoid the traffic jams of large cities.

After the embryo transfer

It’s recommended that you don’t travel until the day after the embryo transfer, avoiding the stress involved with travelling and airports. Embryo transfers are generally performed in the morning and it’s best to spend the rest of the day relaxing. The following day you can resume normal activity without any problems.

The whole Procreatec team is at your disposal to help arrange your tip to Madrid, so it doesn’t become a source of anxiety but rather something to look forward to. Please feel free to request information from the coordinators who will be able to advise you.

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