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The day of the embryo transfer: behind the scenes.

The day of the embryo transfer: behind the scenes.

When you are packing your suitcase in order to travel to Madrid for your embryo transfer means that your jorney at our clinic is almost over. On the day of the embryo transfer many patients come to our clinic excited and tired after a sleepless night but also very happy: the longingly expected day has come.


Preparation for the embryo transfer

There is a lot going on at the clinic behind the scenes in order to prepare everything for your embryo trasfer, because although the embryo transfer itself is a very simple procedure that takes only a few minutes, the preparation for it is quite demanding and time-consuming and involves the whole clinic team.

In order to complete the treatment and maximise the pregnancy chances, the following steps must be followed:


Strict adherence to the medication plan

A few days before the embryo transfer, patients are instructed by a doctor to add one last drug to their medication schedule to make the endometrium receptive for the embryo, so it can implant successfully. Afterwards, in order to control the lining of the endometrium, patients come to the clinic one day before the embryo transfer. On this day, the doctor performs a final ultrasound scan and a nurse takes care of carrying out the last blood tests. Are the ultrasound and the blood test results normal, so  is the patient perfectly prepared to receive the embryo.


Selection of the best embryo

The aim of an IVF treatment, whether with own or with donor eggs, is to obtain as many eggs as possible and then to fertilise them with partner or donor sperm. It is important to understand that not all oocytes can be fertilised and not all fertilised oocytes manage to develop into an embryo. For this reason, our biologists provide patients with the most advanced techniques in order to maximise the number of  available embryos, as not all embryos are equally suitable for the transfer.

On the day of embryo transfer, whether in a fresh cycle or cryotransfer, our biologists analyse patients’ embryos and select one or a maximum of two embryos which have the highest quality. This way we maximize the chances that this embryo transfer ends in a pregnancy.


Administrative issues

Finally, but no less important, is the work of a personal assistant who accompany the patients from the beginning to the end of their treatment. A personal assistant makes sure that patients follow the medication plan and have all the essential information at any step of the treatment.

On the day of the embryo transfer, a personal assistent takes care of organising the last appointments at the clinic (with the doctor to perform the ultrasound, with a nurse to take blood samples, etc.) and completing all administrative matters. After the embryo transfer, a personal assistant provides the patients with prescriptions and informs them about further steps: how and when a pregnancy test has to be carried out and how to behave in case of an emergency such as spotting.

To say Goodbye isn`t easy, because after all these weeks, there is a special relationship built up between patients and the clinic team which lasts long after the treatment is over. We stay in touch with our patients until the first ultrasound results with heartbeat, first baby photos and  see each other again when the baby is born. Even years later, we still remember our patients and the path we took together.


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