The benefits of undergoing fertility treatment in summer


The benefits of undergoing fertility treatment in summer

Summer is a great time of year to undergo a fertility treatment. We have many couples who choose these dates to try and achieve pregnancy. The holiday period lends itself to relaxation and therefore, it can be an ideal time to begin on your path to pregnancy.

Assisted reproduction treatments involve numerous visits to the clinic and some people prefer not to have to ask for time off from work and give explanations of why they are absent. During the ovarian stimulation phase, the woman begins subcutaneous shots on day 2 of the cycle and the gynaecologist needs to check follicular growth by vaginal ultrasound every two or three days. This period of stimulation lasts on average 10 days, so it is possible that the woman might have to go to the doctor three and four times before egg retrieval.

After the stimulation, the egg retrieval is carried out and, a few days later, the embryo transfer takes place, so two or more visits to the clinic will be necessary at this time. For the egg retrieval, the patient will be sedated. The woman usually feels tired after sedation and sometimes needs to rest for a few hours before resuming her daily activity.. After the transfer, the patient can lead a normal life. There is no scientific study indicating that rest after the embryo transfer increases pregnancy rates, but most patients prefer to take it easy the day of the embryo transfer. Choosing these dates, or taking a few days off, avoids the stress that an assisted reproduction treatment can entail.

When are most children born?

There is no scientific evidence that more children are conceived in summer. Interestingly, the tendency in recent years has been an increase in births in September and October. In general, every month of the year, except February, which has fewer days, show very similar birth figures.

In fact, the main reason for the success of a fertility treatment is the quality of the embryos that are obtained. The embryo quality is influenced by the age of the patient, the correct infertility diagnosis and the laboratory at the clinic you chose.

On the other hand, carrying out assisted reproduction treatment in summer does not have any disadvantages. And if pregnancy is achieved during the summer, the baby will be born in April or May, which is a great time of the year to deliver. In spring, the mother does not struggle with hot weather in the last weeks of pregnancy.

Some tips that increase chances of pregnancy

To optimize the possibility of getting pregnant there are a series of habits that can make a difference:

-Stop smoking. Tobacco reduces the sperm quality and influences female fertility. Thus, tobacco affects the maturation process of the ovarian follicles. The oocyte and embryo quality of smokers are poorer when compared to that of non-smokers. Moreover, smoking increases the possibility of chromosomal abnormalities.

-Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcoholic beverages also influence sperm quality and quantity and egg quality.

-Be active! Being overweight or obese reduces fertility. You should not do intense exercise because too much, may also negatively influence the chances of conceiving. According to experts, the combination of being overweight, smoking and drinking caffeine reduces the probability of having a child by up to 30%.

-Follow a healthy diet. It is essential to feel good and be a normal weight. In addition, there are studies that report that following the Mediterranean diet is beneficial for both male and female fertility.

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