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Summer Time: Where to travel when you are pregnant

Summer Time: Where to travel when you are pregnant

Are you pregnant and unsure where to travel this summer? If you would like to go on holiday, it is important to take into consideration that every destination presents its challenges and opportunities depending on the stage of the pregnancy.

Choose your destination based on the stage of your pregnancy!

At the beginning of the pregnancy, you can feel tired or have nausea or, the opposite. As such, your holiday should be based on your situation. Try to avoid long car drives, which can be harmful for your back, encourage early contractions and increase the risk of abortion. It is also recommended to limit the degree of physical exertion as well as to avoid high temperatures. Some destinations should be off the table, especially those in which you question the quality of the local food.

If you are in good health, not expecting twins and your doctor has not given you any contraindications, it advisable to plan a trip between weeks 16 and 28. After the first trimester, the risk of abortion diminishes and you feel in better shape than during the third trimester, the toughest stage. You can choose the activity you enjoy most: walking, swimming, sightseeing, etc.

From the third trimester onward, feelings of exhaustion are felt more prominently. Therefore, the type of vacation you will be more tempted to go on is more relaxed in nature. As you enter the eighth month of pregnancy, it is preferable to be close to where you would like to give birth.

Choose a destination based on your interests!

The beach and the pool are ideal during pregnancy. Swimming is one of the sports that can be practiced all throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, as long as it does not harm the cervix. Swimming can relieve the body, especially the joints, and it prepares the perineum for the delivery. It is not advisable, however, to swim long distances or to swim really fast and get too tired.

It is also not recommended to swim in water that is too cold. Although swimming can be beneficial during one’s pregnancy, water sports are prohibited. If you choose to go to a spa, you may want to try prenatal thalassotherapy.

The mountain is a good way to enjoy nature while expecting. It is a good opportunity to relax and take walks during this well-deserved break. If you enjoy hiking, it is advisable to stay below 2000 meters of altitude, in order to ensure the proper oxygenation of the baby. Irrespective of the stage of the pregnancy, avoid extreme sports.

Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy each and every day!

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