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Significance of a personalised fertility treatment

Personalised fertility treatment

At IVF-Spain Madrid we are very aware that each patient is unique and that is why it is so important to offer a medicine that adapts to each one individually. All our fertility treatments are carried out taking into account the patient’s medical history, medical background and other personal aspects. One of the latter is the availability to travel to our centre, especially when it comes to international patients who are not resident in our country.

We are aware that such an important decision as starting a fertility treatment needs to be meditated and discussed with specialists, that you need to know the team you will be dealing with throughout the fertility treatment, that you need to overcome physical barriers that allow us to get in touch with our patients and that you need to let them know that they will be protected by us throughout the process.

With us you will be looked after in your mother tongue. Our experts will help you with everything you need, from the first contact, where we will assign your doctor and a personal assistant to your case.

In order to get to know you better, we regularly organize free of charge can get to know you.

Key to success: refining the diagnosis

We know that it is not always easy to integrate the whole process. During the medical consultation you discuss your case with your doctor and your personal assistant in your native language. You will also meet the team of embryologists you will be assigned to if you decide to start fertility treatment. In this way, we can find the treatment plan best suited to your circumstances.

It is recommended that a seminogram or analysis of sperm be carried out to determine the best way to achieve pregnancy and to identify possible changes that require fertility treatment specific to each patient.

At IVF-Spain Madrid we have an in-house genetic laboratory equipped with the latest technology, where we can study and analyse the tests carried out on the spot. This allows us to personalize each diagnosis and plan an individual fertility treatment for each patient.

With the patient’s medical history, during the first visit to the clinic, the doctors design the best personalized plan, taking into account the availability data of the patients, who leave the office with the detailed fertility treatment plan, the corresponding prescriptions, valid both in Spain and abroad, and with all the legal documents in their language, in order to start the fertility treatment.

Follow-up examinations until the twelfth week of pregnancy

At IVF-Spain Madrid we have an exceptional team of medical professionals who will make your fertility treatment a success. Thanks to daily multidisciplinary meetings, specialists can discuss each case and validate or modify the fertility treatment plan on a collegial basis depending on the evolution of the cycle.

From the first day you will be in contact with your personal assistant, she will inform you about the development of fertility treatment and everything related to medication and dosage. If you have any questions during the procedure, you can usually contact your assistant by phone or e-mail. However, a 24-hour telephone line is available for emergencies.

In addition, the team of embryologists will also be in contact with you to inform you about the development of your embryos. One of the most important steps in a fertility treatment is this day, the day of embryo transfer. Immediately afterwards, the doctor and his team responsible for your particular case will give you the instructions and fertility treatment plan for the period after the referral. After a few days you will receive a medical report with details of fertility treatment and development.

With IVF-Spain Madrid your data is safe. All patient information is stored in our CRM (Client Relationship Management) system. We use the world’s leading data management platform to manage and store all the information we receive and to avoid losing any details that could be crucial to achieving pregnancy. We also follow the WHO recommendations on patient safety, the Spanish Ministry of Health’s national strategy on patient safety and the PaSQ, European Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care.

It may happen that at the time of the pregnancy test it is negative. Many factors are decisive for a negative result, in IVF-Spain Madrid the medical committee will meet to try to analyse your case in depth, analyses are requested to deepen the study with more advanced techniques and according to your circumstances. In this way we will increase the success rate on the second attempt.

Remember that our follow-up does not end with a positive beta. We will continue to assist you with regular checks to ensure that all fertility treatments are going well. Until the twelfth week of pregnancy, we therefore offer you all our help to make your dream of becoming a mother come true.

Tailor-made fertility treatments developed by the fertility professionals and experts at IVF-Spain Madrid and personalised patient care are the key to the success of your Fertility Fertility treatment. If you would like more information about how a personalized fertility treatment works, please contact us using this form.

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