Assisted Reproduction

Shared Maternity or Reciprocal IVF


Shared Maternity or Reciprocal IVF

Shared maternity or reciprocal IVF is an assisted reproduction technique for lesbian couples. It consists of an in vitro fertilization whereby one of the women donates her eggs and the other carries and delivers the baby.

This treatment allows both members of the couple to play an active role in the pregnancy and for both of them to become “biological mothers”.

At ProcreaTec, we conduct an thorough fertility evaluation of both women, which will determine the best protocol to follow as well as the treatment’s probability of success. Taking these results into account, the woman with the better ovarian reserve and the highest probability of providing high quality eggs will be determined to undergo ovarian stimulation. As far as the recipient is concerned, the best conditions to carry the baby will be based on factors such as the age of the woman, or possible concomitant diseases.


Just as in a conventional in vitro fertilization, the woman whose eggs will be used will undergo the stimulation. For the stimulation, she will undergo daily subcutaneous hormonal injections in order produce multiple follicles where eggs mature. During the 10 to 12 days that the injections lasts, she will have ultrasound check-ups in order to evaluate follicular development and determine the date of the egg retrieval.

Once the oocytes or the eggs are obtained, they will be fertilized with donor sperm which is selected based on the couple’s physical characteristics. The eggs that fertilize will become embryos. The embryos will be cultivated in the lab until day five, when we proceed to transfer the best quality embryo to the recipient.

Throughout the ovarian stimulation period, the recipient will undergo a treatment to prepare her uterus to receive the embryo. This treatment consists of estrogen (taken either orally or via transdermal patches) and progesterone (vaginal pessaries).

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Thanks to this procedure, both women can be a part of the motherhood process, sharing the assisted reproduction treatment and improving the probability of success by choosing the best candidate to donate the eggs and the best candidate to carry the baby.

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