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After 10 years it’s time for reflection. After a decade helping to form families, we want to continue increasing with more patients. So, we have decided to merge with IVF-Spain fertility clinics and become ProcreaTec By IVF-Spain.

Together we are the IVF Life group, with clinics in Alicante, San Sebastián and Madrid. This step is one of the most important movements that have occurred recently in the sector of assisted reproductive medicine and today we are one of the largest assisted reproduction groups in Spain.

Our commitment to our patients motivates us to grow and expand more, because nobody should give up their desire to motherhood. After more than 10 years of experience in this field, we IVF-Spain and ProcreaTec will increase our scientific and medical infrastructure, where research and technological innovation will have an even more important role.

This is a great new stage of growth, but our philosophy – that is reflected in putting customer care as a priority will be continued as a fundamental value of our daily mission. Thanks to the support of all the professionals who are part of this new global unit, quality support will continue to be enhanced and best success rates will be achieved.

Furthermore, we have renewed our image to be able to better reflect our way of understanding reproductive medicine, our commitment to innovation and, above all, respect and empathy with which we treat every single patient.

We have evolved, but we are still the same team of professionals for whom patients care is very important. The same team of assistants that accompanies them until they achieve the desired pregnancy. The same nursing team that informs them about the medication and reminds them of important dates. The same embryology team that, rigorously, selects the best embryo, the one with the best chance of implanting. And, of course, the same medical team that advises them and dedicates the necessary time to choose their treatment.

During these years, we have managed to become an international reference in complex cases, treating patients from all over the world. And we are convinced that part of our success is making them feel understood. Because respect, empathy and an excellent customer support are also part of a good Know How.

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