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ProcreaTec: The Best Assisted Reproduction Techniques.

ProcreaTec: The Best Assisted Reproduction Techniques.

ProcreaTec opened its doors in 2008. Since then, its pregnancy rates have been among the best in Spain. The main objectives of the clinic, since its inception, were twofold: to offer personalized treatment and care to every patient, and to ensure the most advanced techniques and technology are being utilized to offer the best possible treatment. These two elements have been the determining factor in the success rate of assisted reproduction treatments at ProcreaTec.


A Cutting-Edge Lab

The pregnancy rates at ProcreaTec are among the best in Spain, and this is thanks to its state-of-the-art lab. ProcreaTec has the best conditions to ensure an optimal embryo culture with:

  • Bacterial controls of the air, ensuring total environmental isolation of the embryos.
  • MINC Incubators: It is not a classic incubator. These MINC incubators replicate the natural milieu of the uterus (by maintaining strict controls of the temperature and oxygen levels) and they prevent any type of environmental stress that could affect the embryos. Every patient can benefit from these incubators for the development of their embryos.
  • EmbryoScope: ProcreaTec has 2 EmbryoScopes, which enables the control and supervision of the embryo 24 hours a day. This tool gives us information about the development of the embryo, which, in turn, contributes to making a better decision as to which should be selected at the time of the embryo transfer.
  • MACS technique to select the best spermatozoa.


Genetic Tests at ProcreaTec

ProcreaTec offers its patients genetic tests to avoid future malformations in embryos. Depending on the patient, the clinic may recommend:

  • Genetic Compatibility Test, to verify that there are no risks for the baby to inherit any genetic illnesses. This test should be performed on both progenitors (be it with gamete donation or with the couple’s gametes).
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, which is performed on the embryos prior to implantation in order to observe if there are any malformations. This diagnosis can be useful in cases where the woman has had recurrent abortions, in women over 40 or unexplained infertility.


The lab is the heart of any fertility clinic and it should offer the best possible quality. The chosen culture medium, the lab environment and the biologists’ experience are all decisive factors regarding the success of the treatments.

For more information, please consult the “Techniques” tab on our website.


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