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Pregnant with twins: What are the risks?

Pregnant with twins: What are the risks?

A twin pregnancy brings twice the joy, with the birth of two babies instead of one. It is, however, considered to be a risky pregnancy. As such, it requires special follow-up.

Follow-up of a twin pregnancy

The follow-up process, when pregnant with twins, requires more particular care in order to avoid the numerous risks that can arise. The expecting mother will need to make an appointment with her obstetrician for ultrasounds, on a monthly basis, and every couple of weeks if they are monozygotic (identical) twins. In addition to the regular check-ups to ensure the mother is in good health, the ultrasounds help monitor the babies’ growth (height and weight) and their synchronization. Twin pregnancies are often delivered at week 38, in case of fraternal twins, and at week 36, when they are identical.

Risks of a twin pregnancy:

The risks are higher than in a regular pregnancy and the mother will need to look after her own health as much as possible in order to avoid any complications. These risks could include premature births, slow growth, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, or, for the mother, it could cause diabetes and hypertension (the risks increase with the age as well).

It is, therefore, very important for the mother to adopt a healthy diet, avoiding snacks both too sweet or too salty, and favoring the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The expectant mom will also need to get lots of rest. Additionally, most obstetricians recommend ceasing work from week 26 onward (12 weeks before the end of the pregnancy), in order to avoid premature births.

IVF and Twins:

In Vitro Fertilization treatments increase the chance of twin pregnancies, so it is important to ask your doctor for advice when deciding whether to transfer 1 or 2 embryos. When undergoing IVF, the probability of a twin pregnancy is about 25%. With IVF treatments using donor eggs, the probability of twin pregnancy goes up to 34%.

It is necessary, therefore, to have as much information as possible in order to make the right decision, remembering that the goal is to have a baby in good health and a pregnancy with no complications.

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