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Post Embryo Transfer Symptoms

Post Embryo Transfer Symptoms

An array of symptoms can manifest after an embryo transfer. Although many of these symptoms would usually go unnoticed, while waiting for a pregnancy test result, the most seemingly insignificant symptom can become the biggest worry

Period pain post-IVF and tightness in the ovaries

These symptoms are very frequent, but not very bothersome. This symptom is due to the effect of the progesterone (Utrogestan or its equivalent medication) in the endometrium. These symptoms should not be linked to implantation or pregnancy, as it is too early to feel anything.

With progesterone ovules, the endometrium transforms in order to be able to accommodate the embryo, which is what that feeling is related t

Bloated feeling

Bloating is another one of the symptoms after the transfer. This is, once again, an effect of the progesterone in the body and it is not a sign of pregnancy. It is recommended to eat healthy in order to avoid feelings of discomfort.

Heavy breast sensation

With the treatment involving double the regular dose of hormones when compared to a natural cycle, it is normal to feel pain and have heavy breast sensation, similar or even more intense than during a natural cycle (prior to getting the period). This is a normal reaction to the estrogen and progesterone, part of the treatment.

Nausea and odor sensitivity

This symptom is due to the hormonal intake, which alters the body, and is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy, as this symptom only manifests in weeks 3 and 4 of a pregnancy (later than directly after the embryo transfer).

Light bleeding or staining

Embryo implantation can cause bleeding.  The embryo makes its own nest in the uterus, and this can lead to light bleeding. Not bleeding, however, does not mean that there will be no embryo implantation. Bleeding may be frequent and it is not necessarily a bad sign. Only if the bleeding becomes abundant and continuous, should we begin to worry.

Tiredness after an IVF

Post-IVF, it is normal to feel tired both physically and emotionally. In fact, the stress caused by the treatment can lead to exhaustion and it is normal to feel low in the afternoon. It is also possible to have difficulty sleeping at night. In order to fight it, vitamins are recommended in the morning and herbal tea is advised in the evening to help relax.

No symptoms after an IVF

It is also possible not to have any of the mentioned symptoms and that is also not indicative of anything. It is possible to have a positive result two weeks later, even without symptoms. Every patient reacts differently to this treatment.

If you have observed a different symptom, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and share your experience with fellow readers.


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