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Medical Director: Dr. Rut Gómez de Segura

Dr. Rut Gómez de Segura is a Medical Director at the fertlity clinic ProcreaTec Madrid. Her effort and excellency in the daily work with patients made of her the best candidate to head the team of ProcreaTec. Today we want to tell you more about the role of a Medical director of a fertility clinic.

Organization of the team

To organize the team of the clinic in an effective way isn´t an easy task as all of them – the medical team, the biologist and patient care assistant – contribute with their work to the success of the treatment. The challenge of a Medical Director is therefore to supervise that the patients are well attended at every step of the treatment. Thus, the well-being of the patient is the most important parameter for the organization of the working schedules of the team.

Definition of medical protocols

The definition of medical protocols is very important. At ProcreaTec every treatment is tailored to the needs of a patient. Nevertheless,  to be able to guarantee a high service level for all our patients at every treatment step, it’s mandatory to establish internal protocols which must be followed by all team members. One of these protocols prescribes the daily meetings of all our doctors in order to discuss the most difficult cases and to find the best possible solution. These daily meetings are the key to a better understanding of new and difficult cases.

Continuous team training and improvement

The assisted reproduction develops constantly: new studies, technologies and recomendations are being published regularly. This is the reason why a fertility clinic has to be always updated and pay attention to last developments in order to offer the best technology and medical know-how to the patients, such as EmbryoScope or the genetic screening of gametes donors.

The role of a Medical Director is to make sure that the team is trained properly by making them participate in the events regarding the latest achievments of the assisted reproduction.

Specialist in assisted reproduction

Before assuming the position of a Medical Director of ProcreaTec, Dr. Rut Gómez de Segura had been working as a gynecologist with the specialisation in the assisted reproduction, which is her real vocation.  It´s very important to her to keep the contact to the patients. This is the reason why she still attends patients and offer consultations like every other doctor at ProcreaTec.

Having 15 years of professional experience, Dr. Gómez knows that the most important thing for a patient is to feel comfortable and to be able to trust your doctor. This is the reason why she is always there for her patients and accompany them from the beginning of the treatment until the end.


Dr. Rut Gómez de Segura, specialist in the field of the assisted reproduction and Medical Director at ProcreaTec Madrid.

To schedule a consultation with her and to obtain a diagnosis, please send an email to:


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