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Lifestyle during a Fertility Treatment

Many of our patients come to us with questions of all kinds, many of them agree on the importance of following a healthy lifestyle in order to successfully face a fertility treatment.

While patients are immersed in the process of achieving pregnancy they go through a storm of feelings. It is very important to have emotional support from your closest circle, because on many occasions the advice given does not follow scientific criteria, but there are certain behaviours that can increase the achievement of pregnancy.

How should my Lifestyle during a Fertility Treatment look like?

Our experts at IVF-Spain Madrid state that it is not necessary to change your lifestyle at the beginning of a fertility treatment. However, we must stress that any treatment has an influence on the patient’s life as women must take hormone stimulation medication on a daily basis.

That is why there are some habbits that you should include in your daily routine, for example sport: sporting activity contributes to better health due to the stimulation of the metabolism.

Furthermore, exercise also improves hormone levels and this has an important impact on increasing fertility. Abstaining from sex is not good practice, as having sex improves physical condition and mood.

Another practice to follow is to inform your personal assistant of any medications you take that are not related to fertility treatment, such as headache pills or prescription drugs for insomnia. These may not be compatible with the fertility plan designed for you.

What not to do during your Fertility Treatment

Tobacco is one of the drugs that produce a decline in fertility treatment success rates. This is demonstrated by numerous studies which show that, due to nicotine, it affects both active and passive male and female smokers, the latter also being affected by exposure to smoke.

We should note that smoking during fertility treatment or pregnancy increases the risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Moreover, smoking decreases fertility, as the maturation process of the eggs is affected. Therefore, women who are in a pre-treatment stage should stop smoking.

Another habit that we as a clinic are used to treating is the consumption of coffee and energy drinks with high levels of caffeine, both of which must be reduced in small quantities. According to Danish studies, drinking more than five cups of coffee reduces the success of a fertility treatment by half.

In addition to caffeine consumption, do not forget alcoholic drinks, which should be eliminated from the daily diet or during infertility treatment.

Although most foods can be consumed without problem and do not have a proven influence on the success of Assisted Reproduction treatments. It is true that specialists recommend maintaining a diet rich in vitamins and fibre, avoiding the abuse of dairy products, wheat and ultraprocessed products.

You can read more about a balanced diet during fertility treatment in this article.

Recommendations before Embryo Transfer

A key moment during a fertility treatment is the day of the embryo transfer. It is impossible not to feel nervous on this day, as it is a date that brings us closer to our desired baby.

You may not sleep a wink that night, but you should arrive on time for your appointment. We recommend that you arrive about 20 minutes early so that we can rule out any possible delays in your arrival as a traffic jam and that this will affect your mood. Also, bringing something like a book that can distract you from the wait before the transfer is also a good idea, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Remember that our specialists advise you not to change your lifestyle, but you should follow a balanced diet to maintain healthy levels of sugars, fats and liquids. One of the recommendations is to arrive at the clinic with a half-full bladder. In fact, once you are here we will ask you to drink two glasses of water so that your bladder is full during the ultrasound scan that accompanies the embryo transfer.

Another indication is to come without make-up or perfume, as the transfer is carried out in the operating theatre, where a sterile environment is maintained to avoid contamination of the material or samples.

The alternative to release tension before the transfer, can be a type of external service offered by some clinics such as Acupuncture or Reiki treatments. These therapies can help to increase general well-being.

This is also when the nurses will give you the prescriptions and all the information you need about the medication you should take until the twelfth week of pregnancy.

Recommendations after the Embryo Transfer

You have already completed one stage. You are now in the Beta-waiting phase. A stage full of emotions and, as the patients tell us, a difficult period in which to look for evidence of pregnancy in every part of your body. Perhaps, during this phase of 10 days, it’s the perfect time to distract yourself: reading, taking a trip or relating to your loved ones.

After the embryo transfer, it is recommended that you take a series of minimum precautions so as not to endanger the embryo. For example, do low-impact sports and avoid those that involve heavy lifting and even more so if you haven’t practiced it before the fertility treatment. You should also avoid going to saunas or treatments that raise your body temperature extremely or change your body pressure such as scuba diving, as this can affect the embryo.

Remember to maintain the healthy lifestyle habits we have already mentioned in this article and continue to avoid unhealthy ones.

It is important to know that not having symptoms does not mean that the success of the treatment is in danger. If you need support during this stage or if you have any doubts, you can always consult your personal assistant.

Healthy mind, healthy body

Most of the instructions before and during fertility treatment are easy to follow and do not represent any break with normal routine. In general, a healthy lifestyle is recommended, both for women undergoing hormone treatment and for their partners.

Trying to stay calm and entertain your mind during the process, this can help add a bit to this high mountain. And we won’t tire of saying this, if you need help or have any questions before, during and after your fertility treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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