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How to plan your Egg Donation treatment in 2020

If you are planning to undergo an Egg Donation treatment in 2020, here are some tips to help you. ProcreaTec, in this blogpost, will advise you on how to choose the dates for your treatment and confirm the times you need to be available.


Preparing your body for treatment

An important part of a successful result in Egg Donation is preparing your body for pregnancy. It is always positive to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food (by avoiding salty and fatty foods) and exercising regularly.

It’s important to be as close to a normal BMI as possible which will increase chances of falling pregnant. If your BMI is high, you may need to think about losing a little weight and following a healthy diet to avoid complications later on.

If you are prone to stress and fatigue, you can also sign up for acupuncture or yoga that will help you relax for your treatment.

For men, it is also interesting to try and obtain optimal sperm quality. Three months before starting the treatment, men need to avoid alcohol and tobacco and of course eat healthily. Episodes of stress and fatigue are also harmful to sperm quality. The doctor may also prescribe anti-oxidant vitamins to try and improve the sperm.


Sending us your medical records and tests

Before starting a fertility treatment, you will need to undergo a series of tests not only to establish an accurate diagnosis, but also to check your general health for the future pregnancy. We understand that getting appointments and prescriptions is not always an easy task. At ProcreaTec we offer you the possibility of undergoing all the needed testing in one day.

During your first consultation at ProcreaTec, you will be able to complete all the necessary tests, and receive your diagnosis and personalized treatment plan according to your dates of availability.


Scheduling an Egg Donation treatment

Once your medical records and tests are complete, it takes about 6 weeks to plan the cycle. until the embryo transfer.

We have a large pool of donors. To choose the right donor for you usually takes less than 10 days.

Once we have the donor, the timing of every stage of your treatment looks like this:

– Synchronization of your cycle with that of your donor (between 10 to 30 days).

– Stimulation of your donor and endometrial preparation (2 weeks)

– Egg retrieval + Embryo development to blastocyst stage (5 days)


The ideal time for Egg Donation treatments

From a medical standpoint, there is no better or worse time for your treatment. The success rates for egg donation treatments are the same throughout the year. The ideal time for your treatment is be when you feel most relaxed. During your treatment, you should be able to be 100% committed to it and therefore avoid stressful times by trying to do too much. Don’t select treatment dates if you are going to change jobs, move or celebrate your wedding!

ProcreaTec will calculate the dates of your treatment plan according to your availability, so you will be able to choose your arrival time in Madrid according to the dates that suit you best.


Travel requirements for your Egg Donation treatment

At ProcreaTec, we will recommend you to come to Madrid twice:

– First visit: appointment with a doctor and getting your medical records and tests in order. This first visit is often decisive for our patients. It gives them a boost of confidence to get to know the doctor and the team .

– Second visit: egg retrieval and embryo transfer (one week on site).

During your first appointment, you will have the possibility of freezing a sperm sample. If the quality is approved by our biologists, we will be able to use it for fertilization on the day of your donor’s egg retrieval. You will therefore not have to come back on the day of the egg retrieval and will only need to come to our clinic for your embryo transfer.

In order to prepare your treatment and dates, our patient care assistants will be there to help you. You will be able to request an appointment via Skype before your first face-to face appointment, to review your personal situation and better understand the treatment process.

You will be able to contact us through our contact form.



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