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Guide of recommendations and techniques for creating and nurturing leisure time

nurturing leisure time

nurturing leisure timeWe ask you to bear in mind that the options available vary depending on the activities that can be done alone, those with your partner, those with friends or those in a group that has been specifically created for this purpose. This could be a theatre group, a film seminar, organised groups that go on cultural outings or reading groups. Sharing group activities and creating group dynamics can put positive feedback mechanisms in motion: you meet new people that you share an interest with, making it easier to get on.  The older you get, the more difficult it is to meet new people. And these new people are far removed from the context of fertility problems and treatment.


Useful techniques:

Plan and keep a list to hand of things that you can do in your free time. This planning has a two-fold aim: to keep your mind off other things and to have fun enjoying the activities that you have always liked doing.

A good technique is to focus on a trip or getaway and plan visits or outings.

Another technique is to plan activities that you enjoy but have not done for some time.

Sometimes remembering what you liked or did when you were a child, or when you were younger, helps you start doing activities that you used to do more.

List of possible activities:

Watching films and going to the cinema: for film buffs, watching films is a good idea. With a little planning, you can watch different film cycles that will keep you busy, if necessary (sagas, directors’ or actors’ cycles).

Organising photos and albums: this is a good technique for anyone with lots of photos. Photos tend to be snapshots of times we enjoyed. They can help us see life from a different perspective that we’ve forgotten about.

Reading (sagas, long books) the same as with film, reading is a great activity for book lovers. The only drawback is that it tends to be a solitary activity.

Dancing: this activity is particularly good for couples as it is a pastime that promotes physical activity, fun, closeness and communication, not only verbally but also physically. The release of endorphins as a result of the music and exercise helps activate sexual desire and make sexual encounters more spontaneous which may have been affected by infertility and treatment. We already mentioned the importance of focusing on different areas that comprise sexuality in the post ‘Sexuality and fertility problems’, published on 26 March 2015.

Planning activities: one of the problems hindering leisure time is money. Purely in the interest of sharing resources, we would like to draw your attention to different websites that publish special offers, such as Groupon, Groupalia and letsbonus.



Cultural meet-ups and lots more

Other options include:

Learning new languages

Studying ancient or modern history

Studying classical or modern art

Learning Photoshop to enhance photos

Helping out in the community or offering your services as a volunteer

Learning or practising an art form





Art can be highly therapeutic as it helps free up emotions so that they can be processed.

–   Try to go walking or exercise, while heeding the doctor’s recommendations. Try to do as much physical activity as you would normally do.

–   It is also worth making an effort to focus on those areas of your life that can provide support, such as family, friends or your relationship.

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