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At ProcreaTec we are aware of the new situation and want to be closer than ever to our patients. You can fill out the form and request a first online consultation with one of our fertility specialists in order to discuss your fertility issues.

During these last 10 years we attended to the patients from all over the world and elaborated a perfect model of working, so that distance is not an obstacle to fulfilling one’s dreams of becoming a parent, no matter, where our patients come from.

Working in a digital and secure environment allows us to standardize processes and the online patient management system, while placing the patient at the center of everything and offering the best tailor-made medicine.

The implementation of Salesforce, the world’s leading data management platform, together with the digital transformation that ProcreaTec began a few months ago, allows us to collect data to correctly track the entire patient’s journey: from the first contact with the clinic until the birth of the baby. This is how we create more efficient communication flows capable of improving the patient’s experience.


What is a First Visit Online?

The First Online Visit is the beginning of your journey with us. This requires the collection of previous information, as complete as possible, so that our fertility specialists can carry out the meeting online.

With all this information, the patient’s anamnesis will be drawn up in a completely secure data protection environment, so that we can recommend the treatment that best suits each person.

We do not apply standard formulas and believe in personalized medicine, as each patient is unique and requieres an unique approach.

The following information is necesarry for an informative first online consultation:

  • Reports from previous treatments carried out in other centres
  • Embryology reports
  • Blood test results
  • Ultrasound results


What will my first online consultation be like?


The first online consultation is done via Skype and lasts approximately one hour, during which you will talk to a fertiliy doctor. The purpose of this consultation is to analyze your medical history and to create a treatment plan tailored to your personal needs and circumstances. Thus, while making a treatment plan, the doctor bases it on your disposability, so you can choose the dates that suit you better.


Being informed means being confindent

We know that the amount of the information which our patients receive from the very beginning until the end of the treatment is sometimes overwhelming. This is the reason why all our patient get assigned a personal assistent who accompanies the patients through the whole treatment. To have a permanent contact person is vital for the success of the treatment, as a personal assistent is not only in charge of organizational part (all the paperwork included budget, consent forms, etc) but also does a follow-up during the treament (clarification of the doubts regarding the medication, coordination of the ultrasound scans, etc).

The current situation all over the world requires that we provide patients with all the means to go ahead with the fulfilment of their desire to have children without endangering the health of our employees and the patients themselves.

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At ProcreaTec, we understand the road toward a healthy pregnancy is not always easy. Through this blog, we want to reach out to all who are struggling on the path of infertility to find support. If you have any questions or would like to tell us about your situation, you can comment on the posts or send us an e-mail.
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