FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation

egg donation

What do we have to do to start treatment?
We ask for certain information from you before starting treatment:
– all test results as we need to be sure that you are in good health to undergo treatment.
– a medical history form so that we have more information on your past treatments, any operations, allergies, medication etc. that can affect your protocol.
– data protection forms as Spanish law is very strict on patient confidentiality.
– the original consent form for the cycle.

egg donation

How long does treatment take?
We calculate roughly 6-8 weeks from the time we get all the information listed above to the egg retrieval and embryo transfer. Of course, timeframes can change depending on patients’ personal circumstances.

Is ICSI used?
Yes. We’ve seen that ICSI helps improve the fertilization rate so we do routinely use it.

How many embryos can we transfer?
Spanish law allows us to transfer a maximum of 3 embryos. However, the chances of multiple pregnancies are quite high with donor eggs so we usually transfer 1 or 2 embryos. The medical team will advise you as to whether to transfer 1 or 2 based on your medical history, your personal preferences, the quality and the number of embryos we have.

How do we get medication?
If you come to Madrid for the first consultation you can get all the medication here in Madrid. If you’re in the UK or Ireland, not all pharmacies will accept a prescription written abroad so you have two choices – ask your GP to rewrite the prescription or use one of the pharmacies we work with. We will send the prescription directly to the pharmacy and you then contact them to arrange payment and delivery.

How do you find your donors?
Our donors come to us mainly via word of mouth. A lot of donors are friends of women who have donated with us in the past. Spanish law states that women can donate up to 35 years of age but most of our donors are between 18 and 30 years old.

How do you match donors to recipients?
Our top priority when matching a donor to a recipient is finding someone of the same race and with a compatible blood group. We then look at physical features such as hair and eye colour, height, complexion.

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