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Today we would like to discuss one of the diseases that has the biggest impact on female fertility: endometriosis. It is estimated that 10 percent of all women are affected by this condition, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). We looked at the Spanish Endometriosis Association website to collate the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Pain is the main symptom associated with this disease. A range of symptoms are commonly experienced by women with endometriosis, although individuals may experience them differently. The following symptoms may indicate that a person has endometriosis:

–   Pain during menstruation (period)

–   Pelvic pain or lower back pain that can occur at any time throughout the menstrual cycle

–   Lower abdominal pain before and during menstruation

–   Excessive cramping during menstruation in the abdomen or lower back – can be constant, and moderate or severe

–   Pain during sexual relations

–   Abnormal or heavy menstrual flow (hypermenorrhea)

–   Absence of menstrual flow as bleeding occurs internally in the abdominal cavity (Amenorrhea)

–   Spotting before menstruation or bleeding in between periods

–   Fatigue and exhaustion

–   Painful urination during periods.

–   Symptoms are varied and it is possible that no symptoms are produced but that Endometriosis is diagnosed during a check-up. Regular check-ups with a gynaecologist are therefore essential to detect the disease as early as possible.

How is the disease diagnosed by a gynaecologist? The most common techniques include:

–   Palpation

–   Scan / vaginal ultrasound

–   CT scan / magnetic resonance

–   Laparoscopy

There are different forms of treatment available, which have three common objectives:

–   To alleviate pain and other symptoms

–   To prevent internal damage from spreading

–   To preserve or restore reproduction function.

The Association website contains full information on treatment options available, as well as alternative therapies that improve the quality of life and reduce the pain of people affected by this condition.

Endometriosis directly affects sufferers’ health but it can also affect other aspects of their lives. Pain or mood swings as a result of treatment can take their toll on the affected person’s sex life, as well as their social and professional life. In addition, endometriosis is a major cause of female infertility.

Fertility clinics like ProcreaTec conduct in-depth analyses of people who visit the clinic to quickly ascertain what conditions are present. Personalised treatment can then be provided to reverse and reduce the symptoms which may be preventing pregnancy from occurring.

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