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The EmbryoScope is a state of the art incubator.

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It has the novel feature of incorporating time-lapse photography, which means that images of developing embryos are taken 24 hours a day. Moreover, the EmbryoScope captures these pictures at different cross-sections of the embryos providing valuable information on their morphology. Not only are images recorded, but also at any given moment the embryologist can watch the embryo development in real time.

Once placed inside the EmbryoScope, the embryos are not taken out until the transfer. With a traditional incubator the embryologist has to take them out every 24 hours in order to evaluate their quality. This means that the embryos are exposed to a slight fluctuation in pH and temperature when they are assessed.

This new technology generates more data, which enables the embryologist to select the embryos to be transferred basing his/her decision on more detailed criteria. It has been reported that there are optimal moments in cell division when the embryo has greater probability of implantation. This new information generates possibilities of increased implantation and pregnancy rates.

Cleck here to download the brochure
Cleck here to download the brochure

The use of the EmbryoScope highly increases the success rates of assisted reproduction techniques. ProcreaTec’s medical team will advise its patients on the use of this technique and the benefits that it can offer during their treatment.

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