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Egg freezing: techniques and advantages

At present, when thinking about postponing pregnancy, many women are beginning to consider egg freezing as a viable option. This approach eliminates the time crunch women feel when they have not yet found a partner, or employment conditions are not favorable for such a decision.

Fertility preservation with egg freezing

We live in a constantly changing society. It is interesting to note that nowadays freedom of choice and opportunities go hand in hand with this age of job insecurity. This lifestyle forces the postponing of different stages of life. Being independent, finishing school, finding a job, takes place at an older age. Also, the idea of becoming a parent is put off, and many times women are not fully aware that age plays a fundamental role in fertility. Waiting too long affects the possibility of becoming a parent in the future. For this reason, many women consider egg freezing in order to preserve their fertility and to maintain their eggs for when they are ready to fall pregnant.

Why should I consider egg freezing?

There are two main reasons to consider egg freezing:

  1. for medical reasons and
  2. for social reasons.  

Medical Resonas: If a woman is diagnosed with a malignant disease and needs to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments, if she needs to undergo aggressive ovarian surgery or when severe endometriosis is present, egg freezing is definitely a worthwhile option to take into account. In these such cases, egg freezing is recommended to save eggs before the ovarian reserve can be compromised by the aggressiveness of therapies used in these pathologies.

  1. Social Reasons:It is important to note that a woman’s fertility begins to decline in her early twenties. After the age of 35, this decline becomes dramatic. A sensible option to increase the possibility of having a baby with her own eggs, when a woman is ready, is by egg freezing before the age of 35.

A simple procedure that includes the best conservation techniques

Egg freezing is a simple and safe procedure that is divided into three phases:

  1. Stimulation
  2. Ovarian pick-up or egg retrieval and
  3. Freezing

Ovarian stimulation consists of the patient self-administering hormones to stimulate the ovaries. The objective of this stimulation is to increase the number of follicles that mature in a cycle.  The stimulation is monitored by ultrasound transvaginal scans at the clinic at least every other day.

The second phase, the ovarian pick up or egg retrieval, is a procedure that is ultrasound-guided and takes between fifteen to twenty minutes. It is performed under sedation so the patient is relaxed and does not feel pain.

The last phase of the treatment is the egg freezing. In this phase, the mature eggs are frozen or vitrified and are kept in the laboratory.  The quality of the eggs will remain unchanged over time.  When the woman decides she wants to use them, pregnancy rates will be comparable to women of the same age that she froze her eggs.

At what age should I freeze my eggs?

Age is the most important single factor in trying to achieve pregnancy. As a woman ages, her ovarian reserve decreases. The ideal time to freeze eggs is before 35, when the ovarian reserve has usually not yet undergone a radical decline. When a woman freezes before 35, pregnancy is achieved in 60% of the cases when 10 or 12 oocytes are vitrified. If 20 eggs are stored, pregnancy rates are around 80%.

Professionalism and personal attention

At ProcreaTec, you’ll find a professional medical team that will give you all the information you need to freeze eggs.  In combination with a personalized treatment, the team at ProcreaTec will accompany and support you on your path to motherhood.

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