Does right-sided ovulation favor pregnancy?


It appears that it does. Clinics, laboratories and hospitals from Japan and Denmark conducted a research which achieved some interesting results. 1057 cycles of 856 fertile women and 1033 cycles of 258 infertile women were considered. This research aimed to evaluate whether frequency of ovulation and fertility potential of oocytes were different in left and right ovary.


Let’s see the results obtained in both fertile and infertile women:

  1. Right-sided ovulation occurred more often than left-sided ovulation, although pre-embryo formation from right-sided ovulation was lower than pre-embryo formation from left-sided ovulation
  2. The implantation rate of embryos from right-sided ovulation seemed to be higher than those from left-sided ovulation
  3. Estradiol and testosterone in mid-luteal phase were higher in right-sided ovulation than left-sided
  4. Fertility potential of oocytes from right-sided ovulation was higher than those from left-sided
  5. Infertile women who followed an AI or IVF treatment had a pregnancy rate higher in right-sided ovulation (13%) than left-sided (9%)

This research highlights that the dominant follicle develops more often in the right ovary than the left one and that the implantation rate of oocytes from the right ovary is higher than that of oocytes deriving from the left ovary.

As a conclusion, this indicates that the pregnancy potential of oocytes from the right ovary is higher than that of oocytes from the left ovary. This result is likely to be due to the increased concentrations of estradiol and testosterone at the mid-luteal phase from the right-sided ovulation.

This research is a significant step forward and a door has been opened for future scientists to further research women’s fertility.

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