Confessions of an infertile man

Following International Men’s Day, which took place on 19 November, and the movement #movember -an amalgamation of the words Moustache and November- we read some interesting articles on male infertility.

We would like to share one in particular with you that was fun and informative at the same time.

 infertile man

Confessions of an infertile man

From the dawn of time, men have been pre-programmed to fulfil two biological imperatives. Number one: to kill spiders in the bath tub and number two: to reproduce.

What happens when we find out we’re infertile?

Let’s look briefly at reproduction treatment from a male point of view.

“It’s actually more common than people may think.”

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the main causes of infertility can be categorised in the following way: a third are due to female causes, a third male causes, ten percent a combination of the two and twenty percent are completely unknown. Therefore, if you are male and infertile you are not alone; there are quite a few men in the same boat.

“We know nothing about what we’re about to do”.

The first thing that you must do following a diagnosis, after talking it through and beating up your pillow, is to educate yourself. It’s not enough to just read the sports section of the newspaper or a car magazine. You have to find out more by reading up on it using reliable sources. Firstly, if you do this, your partner will view you in a much better light when they see that you know about your situation and are getting involved. It will also mean that your doctor changes their opinion of you during the consultations, which might encourage them to involve you more in the process.

“Tips for making love with a plastic cup”

Regardless of whether you are a Formula 1 pilot, champion bull fighter or lawyer, nobody is ever ready for that moment when they submit their sperm for judgement.

Some recommendations:

It is better to take your own reading material. The material available at some clinics might not be to your taste and it’s better to go in prepared.

You don’t have to fill up the container. This seems self-explanatory, but I am mentioning it just in case.

“Sometimes there is no choice except to get creative”

Sometimes, even with the best scientific research and the most advanced clinics in the world, in vitro fertilisation does not work for everyone. This does not mean that you cannot be a parent, but that you must open up your mind to new ideas. You will need to consider alternative methods, such as sperm, egg or embryo donation. At the same time, although you will not father a child in the most traditional way, you are taking control and empowering yourself in order to make parenthood possible.

“One day this will all be a distant memory”

I have undergone four lots of treatment and after the final treatment, we managed to become parents. I have to say that as soon as I was able to hold my child in my arms, all the frustration, anger, fear and disappointment all seemed to disappear from my memory to be replaced with … this baby.

Needless to say that infertility is a tough call when you want to become a parent. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you really truly want to have a family, you will. It might not happen in the way you always imagined, but it will happen. In the end, that’s all that really matters.

Source: Article in The Bump, by Hreh Wolf (http://www.thebump.com/a/confessions-of-an-infertile-guy)

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