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Back from your summer holiday…think about your fertility!

Back from your summer holiday…think about your fertility!

The return from a summer holiday back to ‘real life’ is always a good opportunity to restart all the projects and lay the foundations for a productive routine. After a well-deserved break, it is time to set new resolutions to accomplish your goals.

If having a child is part of your plans, it may be the right time to begin doing some research on your fertility. The main reason is that couples face increasingly more challenges when trying to get pregnant naturally. Advanced age, environmental problems and poor life habits all contribute to making it more difficult to get pregnant.

Assessing your Fertility

Take advantage of this time of the year to begin evaluating your fertility. This will help you understand more clearly why, naturally, things are not working out and determine what the problems may be, earlier rather than later. The less time you take to understand your body and your current circumstances, the better you will be able to plan your maternity.

In order to assess your fertility, you can make an appointment with your gynecologist to have an ultrasound, antral follicular count and a hormonal examination. This will reveal the state of your ovarian reserve and detect whether these levels are low at an earlier age than usual. For the male counterpart, a simple sperm analysis will  be able to show any anomalies in the sperm.

This first evaluation will provide a good overview of your fertility and any other useful recommendations you should follow.

What to do if you need advice on assisted reproduction?

If your fertility assessment reveals any anomalies or if you have been trying to get pregnant naturally for a year, it is recommended that you visit a specialist to consult about assisted reproduction. You can speak with your gynecologist to get a referral for an assisted reproduction clinic at home or abroad (especially in the case of egg donation). Be sure to get all the details and all the necessary information regarding every clinic to ensure you choose the best one for you.

If you decide to go abroad, there are many clinics, especially in Spain, so deciding will not be easy. Take advantage of the end of the summer holiday to look for information, compare and contrast every clinic.

The Process at ProcreaTec

If you decide to come to ProcreaTec, you can request your first remote consulatition (via skype). To make an appointment, reach out to info@procreatec.com. Your doctor at ProcreaTec will explain the treatment protocol and the techniques used. You can begin the required tests with your own doctor at home. From the time we receive all of the results, the timeline for the completion of a treatment will be about 1-2 months.

Fertility Checklist

  1. General fertility assessment by your gynecologist.
  2. Choose your assisted reproduction center (take advantage of the various information sessions held after the summer break)
  3. Complete your file with the necessary tests and documentation
  4. Choose the best time to schedule your treatment




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