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Antioxidants can Improve the Quality of Infertile Men’s Sperm

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that up to 10% of couples in the world are infertile and in 40% of infertile couples men are responsible.The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that up to 10% of couples in the world are infertile and in 40% of infertile couples men are responsible.

Global studies show that sperm quality is declining in the male population, due to increased environmental pollution and changes in lifestyle.

A recent study on the use of antioxidants in 60 infertile men conducted by gynaecologists and fertility-assisted reproduction experts from Panama, Carlos Poveda and Carlos Moreno, has shown that dietary supplements can improve sperm quality and help achieve pregnancy.

The results will be presented during the week of 12 -17 October 2013, in Massachusetts (Boston), at the International Federation of Fertility Societies congress, together with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. It will later be published in the international journal Fertility and Sterility.

Fertility in men is achieved when three conditions for sperm are met: that there is sufficient sperm, that they are mobile, and that they are normal so one of them can fertilise the egg.

This study appears to offer scientific evidence that supplements can be used to improve sperm, to such an extent that people can try to conceive through planned intercourse or insemination, thus avoiding more complex Assisted Reproduction treatments.

The study was conducted over a period of three months, with a double blind placebo, meaning that neither the patients nor the researchers knew what substances were being taken. The supplements studied were: L-carnitine (amine or chemical compound), spermotrend (food supplement), placebo (pills with no active ingredient) and Maca (a plant with medicinal properties).

The conclusions of the study include the following observations:

– L-carnitine was effective in improving sperm concentration from the first day it was used

– Spermotrend and maca were effective in improving sperm mobility from eight weeks of use

– No supplement improved the percentage of normal sperm or the sperm volume

– Sperm quality can be improved with medication

– A healthy diet that includes fruit and vegetables, as well as keeping to a healthy weight, positively impacts male fertility.

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