False Pregnancy

Are you in pain? Do you feel sick? Have you missed your period? These are symptoms that could be signs of being pregnant, but when a woman has a false pregnancy she experiences all of these symptoms without actually being pregnant. How can this psychological phenomenon be explained? False pregnancy is a psychological condition that affects some women. A woman’s body reacts as though she were pregnant, although no foetus has been conceived. Symptoms include missing periods, feeling pain, having … Continue reading False Pregnancy

Laziness and Parenting (I)

“My parents are lazy” shouted a child aged nine at the top of his voice. Luckily for his dad, the only other people in the car when he said this were some of the boy’s friends they were driving home from school. On the way back, they had been talking about a camping trip the other kids had gone on with their families. The little boy explained why his family hadn’t gone to the countryside: because his parents hadn’t wanted … Continue reading Laziness and Parenting (I)