Egg Donation Treatment at ProcreaTec

Egg donation is procedure where an anonymous donor gives her oocytes to a woman who wants to become a mother but can´t with her own eggs. The donor (between 18- 35 years old) offers her eggs altruistically to another woman who, for reasons of age, previous surgery, previous chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, amongst other causes has not been able to conceive with her own eggs because of their lack of quality or quantity. FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation  

Genetic transmission is possible even in pregnancies with donated eggs

Genetic transmission

  In 1990, the British scientist David Baker had already conducted research to prove that what happens in the female womb is vitally important to understand a new-born baby’s DNA. A study recently conducted by the Valencia Infertility Foundation, published in the prestigious English journal Development, reveals that a baby’s genes can be altered by the gestating female even though the egg used for the embryo originates from a donor, not her. Until today, hypotheses suggesting that genetic exchange occurred … Continue reading Genetic transmission is possible even in pregnancies with donated eggs

Key considerations when choosing a fertility clinic

fertility clinic

Results, professional team, quality assurance and customer service programmes, technological means All of these considerations are valid and should be taken into account when choosing the best assisted reproduction clinic. Currently, there is a wide-ranging supply of fertility clinics but not all of them meet the expected requirements of customers. Success rates In Spain, the Spanish Fertility Society -a scientific body supported and funded by the Ministry of Health- keeps a register. Signing up to the register is voluntary but … Continue reading Key considerations when choosing a fertility clinic

Who are the egg donors in Spain?

Spain is ranked as one of the top countries for egg donors, year after year. Forty percent of egg donations in Europe take place in Spain, according to the V International Fertility Symposium organised by the Spanish Fertility Society. This means that in addition to the donation of blood, bone marrow and other organs, Spain sustains life through egg donation. What does egg donation consist of? Egg donation in Spain is an altruistic and anonymous act regulated by the law. … Continue reading Who are the egg donors in Spain?

FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation

Egg Donation

How many egg donation treatments are carried out per year? We do roughly 600 egg donation cycles per year. Are there are any restrictions to treatment at the clinic? We do have an age limit – women are accepted as patients until their 50th birthday. We treat single women, unmarried and married heterosexual and homosexual couples. What are ProcreaTec’s success rates with donor eggs? Our success rate with donor eggs is around 60%. Please see here Do you use frozen … Continue reading FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation

Does cryopreservation of oocytes affect future embryos?

cryopreservation of oocytes

Cryopreservation of oocytes is a technique that allows women to preserve fertility for the purpose of using these oocytes at a later date or to safeguard fertility due to medical reasons. New York University Fertility Center and New York University School of Medicine conducted a research to determine if long-term cryopreservation of oocytes affects oocyte developmental competence, live-birth rates and blastocyst aneuploidy. In this research, a total of 33 patients cryopreserved their oocytes for various reasons. Only one patient who … Continue reading Does cryopreservation of oocytes affect future embryos?

Can yoga help fertility?


Scientifically, we can’t be certain that yoga improves fertility. However, we do know that it decreases feelings of stress and anxiety, aspects that negatively affect fertility. The type of yoga outlined below can help relax the mind and thus help fertility. Step 1: The first thing to learn for practising yoga is breathing. Yoga teachers say that a person’s lifetime is measured with the number of breaths we take. The smaller the number of breaths, the longer our lives will … Continue reading Can yoga help fertility?

Endometrial Scratching

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In recent months, we have heard doctors talk a great deal about this process. Today we want to explain what it consists of, when it is used and if it can really improve fertility treatment. To this end, we talked to Doc Marta Moschetta. What is endometrial scratching? It consists of scratching inside the uterus where the embryo will later be implanted. It is a straightforward technique that is currently used in specialist fertility clinics. Who is the process intended … Continue reading Endometrial Scratching

#StartAsking Let’s talk about infertility


It was National Infertility Awareness Week last month in the United States, which is an annual event that began in 1989. This year, a hashtag has been created for the event. #StartAsking The goal of this campaign was to encourage anyone diagnosed with infertility to talk openly about their condition without feeling inhibited. One out of every 8 couples in the United States has a condition affecting their fertility. Currently, however, whatever methods are available to achieve pregnancy are difficult, … Continue reading #StartAsking Let’s talk about infertility