The benefits of undergoing fertility treatment in summer

The benefits of undergoing fertility treatment in summer Summer is a great time of year to undergo a fertility treatment. We have many couples who choose these dates to try and achieve pregnancy. The holiday period lends itself to relaxation and therefore, it can be an ideal time to begin on your path to pregnancy. Assisted reproduction treatments involve numerous visits to the clinic and some people prefer not to have to ask for time off from work and give … Continue reading The benefits of undergoing fertility treatment in summer

Becoming a Mother, Aged Forty and Over

Advice for trying to get pregnant, and pregnancy not posing a health risk Changes in modern-day society have led to women deciding to get pregnant at a later age. In less than a decade, the average age a woman has a child, at least in European countries, has gone up from twenty-seven to thirty-two. This is due to social changes that have occurred in recent decades which have seen women go to university and have professional careers, forcing them to … Continue reading Becoming a Mother, Aged Forty and Over

Fertile dates – today we help you calculate when they are

Today we want to show you how to calculate your fertile dates to prevent you from feeling stressed or worrying that you may have got it wrong. Generally, women with regular menstrual cycles have cycles lasting around 28 to 30 days, counting from the first day of a period. The middle days of the cycle are when a woman is most fertile. But what happens if the cycle is not regular? What day will you ovulate and when can you … Continue reading Fertile dates – today we help you calculate when they are

Can eggs be re-energised?


In 2012, the biologist Jonathan Tilly and his team of Harvard researchers announced that they had found some precursor stem cells in female eggs. In April 2015, Zain Rajani was born in Canada, the first baby to be born using the technique discovered by Tilly in 2012. The news story, published in TIME magazine, explains how stem cells inserted into healthy eggs can still divide and thus help improve the egg quality of older women. The company OvaScience, which conducted … Continue reading Can eggs be re-energised?

Ovarian stimulation

Ovarian stimulation

What does it consist of? It is a necessary process for optimising the number of eggs produced in one cycle to ensure that IVF treatment is as productive as possible. Generally, the menstrual cycle of the person receiving treatment is changed and stimulation is brought about through hormone therapy. Administering hormones usually enables an optimum number of follicles, containing eggs, to be obtained. Throughout the process, the person receiving treatment should visit the doctor regularly to monitor the effects of … Continue reading Ovarian stimulation

What do we know about male infertility?

Demanding physical work, high blood pressure or taking pharmaceutical drugs can negatively affect male fertility, reveals a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health and University of Stanford, California.  The study, which used a sample of more than 500 couples who were trying to conceive and who had been having sexual relations without using contraception for over a year, has revealed significant findings about male fertility.  The men were required to provide extensive information on their health records, jobs … Continue reading What do we know about male infertility?

Sexuality and fertility problems


Sexual behaviour is often confused with reproduction on a social level. Sexuality, however, is much broader and complex. What is sexuality? Sexuality is a central aspect of human identity throughout a person’s entire lifetime. It encompasses sex, identity, gender roles, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy, reproduction and sexual orientation. Sexuality is expressed and experienced through fantasy, desire, belief, attitude, values, behaviour, practices, roles and interpersonal relationships. Sexuality is influenced by the interaction of biological, psychological, social, economic, political, cultural, ethical, legal, historical, … Continue reading Sexuality and fertility problems


Today we would like to discuss one of the diseases that has the biggest impact on female fertility: endometriosis. It is estimated that 10 percent of all women are affected by this condition, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). We looked at the Spanish Endometriosis Association website to collate the most relevant and up-to-date information. Pain is the main symptom associated with this disease. A range of symptoms are commonly experienced by women with endometriosis, although individuals … Continue reading Endometriosis

Sperm analysis

Sperm analysis Sperm analysis is the most comprehensive test available to assess sperm quality. It can be used to ascertain the ejaculate volume, sperm count per millilitre, morphology, motility, vitality and the presence of binders. Sperm analysis can be used in conjunction with other more specific tests, such as motile sperm count or a sperm survival test. Sperm analysis enables certain pathologies to be diagnosed, such as: – Oligospermia: less than 15 million sperm in semen sample – Asthenospermia: less … Continue reading Sperm analysis

I have already had one child naturally. Why can’t I get pregnant again?

In our blog this week, we take a look at one of the most common concerns encountered by assisted reproduction centres. Many women get pregnant quickly first time around, but when they decide to try for a second child it is much more difficult. Women tend to react negatively, which is a natural reaction. It is difficult to understand why a couple is having difficulties getting pregnant, when only one or two years previously getting pregnant was so easy. Firstly, … Continue reading I have already had one child naturally. Why can’t I get pregnant again?