Egg Donation Treatment at ProcreaTec

Egg donation is procedure where an anonymous donor gives her oocytes to a woman who wants to become a mother but can´t with her own eggs. The donor (between 18- 35 years old) offers her eggs altruistically to another woman who, for reasons of age, previous surgery, previous chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, amongst other causes has not been able to conceive with her own eggs because of their lack of quality or quantity. FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation  

Who are the egg donors in Spain?

Spain is ranked as one of the top countries for egg donors, year after year. Forty percent of egg donations in Europe take place in Spain, according to the V International Fertility Symposium organised by the Spanish Fertility Society. This means that in addition to the donation of blood, bone marrow and other organs, Spain sustains life through egg donation. What does egg donation consist of? Egg donation in Spain is an altruistic and anonymous act regulated by the law. … Continue reading Who are the egg donors in Spain?

When should I decide to opt for egg donation?

egg donation

IVF fertility treatment using egg donation is intended for women under the age of fifty who for whatever reason are unable to get pregnant. Women opt to use egg donation for a number of different reasons, which include diminished ovarian reserve, previous ovarian surgery, premature ovarian failure, genetically transmitted diseases, repeated miscarriage or undertaking consecutive IVF treatments without success. Spanish women having their first child at the age of 32.27, according to a study performed by the National Institute of … Continue reading When should I decide to opt for egg donation?