Can yoga help fertility?


Scientifically, we can’t be certain that yoga improves fertility. However, we do know that it decreases feelings of stress and anxiety, aspects that negatively affect fertility. The type of yoga outlined below can help relax the mind and thus help fertility. Step 1: The first thing to learn for practising yoga is breathing. Yoga teachers say that a person’s lifetime is measured with the number of breaths we take. The smaller the number of breaths, the longer our lives will … Continue reading Can yoga help fertility?

Antioxidants for boosting fertility


For some time now we have been read numerous studies about how antioxidants can help fertility, both male and female.  One of the most relevant studies in this field, published by the prestigious journal Fertility and Sterility and directed by the research scientist Dr Jaime Mendiola, concludes that taking antioxidants is beneficial for fertility as it delays and prevents molecular oxidisation. How do antioxidants affect male fertility? One of the main causes of male infertility is damage to sperm by … Continue reading Antioxidants for boosting fertility

Male infertility: has a cure been found?

Following a recent study conducted in the United States, there is new hope for a cure to male infertility Following the publication of her report, Dr Melissa Miller, the director of the project implemented by the University of California in the United States, explained that “fertilisation is like a team sport, in which the first player crosses the line of defence -in this case the egg’s cellular protective layer- while a second player takes advantage of the gap in the … Continue reading Male infertility: has a cure been found?

Vitamin C improves sperm quality

sperm quality

A recent article published by the American Society of Andrology reveals that ageing has a negative impact on sperm quality and motility.  The drop in quality does not just affect the chances of conceiving but can also give rise to other symptoms, which include erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, vocal changes, infection of sexual organs and decreased muscular tissue, according to the clinical guide on male infertility by the European Urology Association. Ageing in all its aspects is impossible to curtail, … Continue reading Vitamin C improves sperm quality

When should I decide to opt for egg donation?

egg donation

IVF fertility treatment using egg donation is intended for women under the age of fifty who for whatever reason are unable to get pregnant. Women opt to use egg donation for a number of different reasons, which include diminished ovarian reserve, previous ovarian surgery, premature ovarian failure, genetically transmitted diseases, repeated miscarriage or undertaking consecutive IVF treatments without success. Spanish women having their first child at the age of 32.27, according to a study performed by the National Institute of … Continue reading When should I decide to opt for egg donation?

Embryo donation: everything you need to know about this treatment

Dr. Marta Moschetta

We have taken information provided by the Spanish Fertility Society as a basis for the description of this treatment: What does it consist of? It is a procedure in which embryos from a donor that have been cryopreserved are transferred to another person’s uterus with the goal of achieving pregnancy. Receiving donated embryos is a confidential and anonymous act, intended for embryos to be used in IVF treatment in women who have been medically recommended for this treatment. We talk … Continue reading Embryo donation: everything you need to know about this treatment

ProcreaTec, the leading fertility clinic in Madrid

fertility clinic in Madrid

Recently, an online review found on Google from someone who had received treatment at Procreatec fertility clinic, said: ‘The doctor who oversaw our case explained the process fully, and patiently gave us detailed answers to all our questions so that we were able to feel enthusiastic about things again.
 A big thank you to the Procreatec team.’ Procreatec international fertility clinic opened in 2008, when Spain was in the midst of a major recession. The doctors that founded the clinic … Continue reading ProcreaTec, the leading fertility clinic in Madrid

Embryo classification for fertility treatment

Embryo classification

One of the most difficult things for people affected by infertility is the idea of embryo quality and its different characteristics. This does not just represent a difficulty for the patient but also for the embryologist, who must explain the concept of embryo quality in such a way that the person undertaking fertility treatment is able to understand. For this reason, the embryologist Nagore Uriarte provides an explanation. Explanation of embryo classification and implantation   Embryo implantation depends on two … Continue reading Embryo classification for fertility treatment

FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation

egg donation

What do we have to do to start treatment? We ask for certain information from you before starting treatment: – all test results as we need to be sure that you are in good health to undergo treatment. – a medical history form so that we have more information on your past treatments, any operations, allergies, medication etc. that can affect your protocol. – data protection forms as Spanish law is very strict on patient confidentiality. – the original consent … Continue reading FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation

British scientists request authorisation to genetically process pre-embryos for research purposes

genetically process

Some months ago we published a post about a Chinese lab that had processed human embryos to try and free a gene implicated in beta-talasemia. The controversy has resurfaced in the media after a group of British scientists requested authorisation from the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to genetically modify human embryos in order to better understand how they develop. British law on assisted reproduction, together with Spanish law, is one of the most long-established and extensive in Europe. … Continue reading British scientists request authorisation to genetically process pre-embryos for research purposes