WORLD FERTILITY DAY Today, the fourth of June, is World Fertility Day. It is a very special celebration for the team and patients at ProcreaTec. On this day, we take the opportunity to reflect on the importance of the scientific advances of fertility treatments and infertility issues that still need to be resolved. World Fertility Day is the ideal moment to celebrate that, at ProcreaTec, thanks to scientific developments and a very complete and well-rounded professional education, we are able … Continue reading WORLD FERTILITY DAY



EGG DONATION, A TREATMENT WITH HIGH SUCCESS RATES Egg donation is a safe and effective treatment that offers many women, who are no longer fertile, the opportunity to get pregnant. In 2017, around 8 in every 10 egg donation treatments undergone at ProcreaTec resulted in pregnancy. What does an egg donation treatment consist of? It is an assisted reproduction procedure in which healthy eggs from an anonymous donor are used to create an embryo, which will then be transferred into … Continue reading EGG DONATION, A TREATMENT WITH HIGH SUCCESS RATES

Genetic transmission is possible even in pregnancies with donated eggs

Genetic transmission

  In 1990, the British scientist David Baker had already conducted research to prove that what happens in the female womb is vitally important to understand a new-born baby’s DNA. A study recently conducted by the Valencia Infertility Foundation, published in the prestigious English journal Development, reveals that a baby’s genes can be altered by the gestating female even though the egg used for the embryo originates from a donor, not her. Until today, hypotheses suggesting that genetic exchange occurred … Continue reading Genetic transmission is possible even in pregnancies with donated eggs

Endometrial Scratching

the first visit

In recent months, we have heard doctors talk a great deal about this process. Today we want to explain what it consists of, when it is used and if it can really improve fertility treatment. To this end, we talked to Doc Marta Moschetta. What is endometrial scratching? It consists of scratching inside the uterus where the embryo will later be implanted. It is a straightforward technique that is currently used in specialist fertility clinics. Who is the process intended … Continue reading Endometrial Scratching

#StartAsking Let’s talk about infertility


It was National Infertility Awareness Week last month in the United States, which is an annual event that began in 1989. This year, a hashtag has been created for the event. #StartAsking The goal of this campaign was to encourage anyone diagnosed with infertility to talk openly about their condition without feeling inhibited. One out of every 8 couples in the United States has a condition affecting their fertility. Currently, however, whatever methods are available to achieve pregnancy are difficult, … Continue reading #StartAsking Let’s talk about infertility

Antioxidants for boosting fertility


For some time now we have been read numerous studies about how antioxidants can help fertility, both male and female.  One of the most relevant studies in this field, published by the prestigious journal Fertility and Sterility and directed by the research scientist Dr Jaime Mendiola, concludes that taking antioxidants is beneficial for fertility as it delays and prevents molecular oxidisation. How do antioxidants affect male fertility? One of the main causes of male infertility is damage to sperm by … Continue reading Antioxidants for boosting fertility

Male infertility: has a cure been found?

Following a recent study conducted in the United States, there is new hope for a cure to male infertility Following the publication of her report, Dr Melissa Miller, the director of the project implemented by the University of California in the United States, explained that “fertilisation is like a team sport, in which the first player crosses the line of defence -in this case the egg’s cellular protective layer- while a second player takes advantage of the gap in the … Continue reading Male infertility: has a cure been found?

Information is the best defence mechanism for combatting infertility

combatting infertility

We live in an information society. But is this really an accurate description? We are bombarded with multiple news stories and data every day, and often the information is interesting, entertaining or proves a point. But do we have access to the information we really need? Apparently not. At least, not in terms of the information that ought to reach us where fertility is concerned. If, like me, you have reached a certain age, I will put the following question … Continue reading Information is the best defence mechanism for combatting infertility

Vitamin C improves sperm quality

sperm quality

A recent article published by the American Society of Andrology reveals that ageing has a negative impact on sperm quality and motility.  The drop in quality does not just affect the chances of conceiving but can also give rise to other symptoms, which include erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, vocal changes, infection of sexual organs and decreased muscular tissue, according to the clinical guide on male infertility by the European Urology Association. Ageing in all its aspects is impossible to curtail, … Continue reading Vitamin C improves sperm quality

How to choose a fertility clinic (II)

How to choose a fertility clinic

The first visit Once you have selected the clinics you want to visit, it is time to make a first visit and then evaluate it. The specialists who work in this clinic should be empathetic but also strictly professional, while you need to take an objective and critical approach. Having a good rapport with the doctor is not the only factor to be taken into consideration; the doctor must also inspire trust and provide reliability. At the same time, making … Continue reading How to choose a fertility clinic (II)