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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: an increasingly used technique

It is not a new technique, but it is increasingly improved. In fact, it is a commitment to the future for many professionals of assisted reproduction.

For years, fertility doctors know that numerous genetic anomalies and chromosomic alterations cause many cases of implantation failures and recurrent miscarriages.


Before having PGD, what we could do in those cases was to keep our fingers crossed, wait for embryos of IVF treatment to be adequate for transfer and wish a healthy baby.

Nowadays, PGD is a perfectly implemented technique in the best fertility clinics. This technique allows embryo study before being transferred to the maternal uterus and, consequently, the transfer of only healthy embryos.

PGD diagnoses if embryos are carriers of a chromosomic alteration inherited from the parents. It allows us to choose a healthy embryo or an embryo not carrying a disease before transferring it into the uterus. It is indicated to couples who has been diagnosed with a genetic disease, such as Huntington’s disease or Cystic Fibrosis. It could also let us know the baby’s gender, but that choice is only legal when it comes to a genetic disease associated to gender.

Preimplantation Genetic Screening studies the number of chromosomes each embryo has for the purpose of transferring only healthy embryos, as an alteration of the number can be a reason for implantation failure or miscarriage. This technique is indicated in the following cases:

  • Implantation failures
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • Patient with more than 40 years who is going to undergo an IVF cycle
  • Altered FISH results in sperm

We have to take into consideration that these techniques are increasing success rates of women with the said medical record, but they do not guarantee that embryos are not carriers of other malformations or genetic diseases.

After the last published studies, what it becomes clear is that:

  • Miscarriage rates are reduced
  • Full-term pregnancies are increasing

Please ask us completely free of charge about these techniques. Your treatment price will be increased with this technique (PGD price currently costs over 4000 euros), but it will guarantee to have a healthy baby. The goal would have been worthwhile.

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