Ovarian stimulation

What does it consist of?

It is a necessary process for optimising the number of eggs produced in one cycle to ensure that IVF treatment is as productive as possible.

Generally, the menstrual cycle of the person receiving treatment is changed and stimulation is brought about through hormone therapy. Administering hormones usually enables an optimum number of follicles, containing eggs, to be obtained. Throughout the process, the person receiving treatment should visit the doctor regularly to monitor the effects of the medication and the results.

Once these follicles have reached the expected size, ovulation is triggered. Then follicular puncture can be instigated.

The stimulation process lasts a couple of weeks, although medication may be administered for up to six weeks.

Ovarian stimulation

Effects of stimulation

Ovarian stimulation, and the extensive medical checks involved, affect women in different ways. The greatest risk associated with hormone therapy is ovarian hyper stimulation, which is an excessive response to treatment. Currently, however, few cases of ovarian hyper stimulation have been recorded -between 2% and 4%- according to data published at the last Valencia Infertility Institute congress, held in Valencia.

Other effects of ovarian stimulation, as a result of increased hormone levels, include a range of symptoms such as anxiety, stress, sleeping difficulties and sensitivity.

What is mild ovarian stimulation?

It’s a similar process that uses much lower hormone doses than in normal treatments, which means that the person following treatment needs to take less medication.

However, the new practice, known as Mini-IVF in many fertility clinics as it involves fewer doses of drugs and is thus less expensive, has raised a number of questions concerning the treatment’s advantages and disadvantages.

The following drawbacks are associated with mild ovarian stimulation treatment, according to a study published by the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital:

Higher cycle cancellation
Lower ovarian response
Fewer embryos obtained

The advantages of mild ovarian stimulation are that pregnancy rates do not drop and there are fewer side effects.

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