Key considerations when choosing a fertility clinic

Results, professional team, quality assurance and customer service programmes, technological means

All of these considerations are valid and should be taken into account when choosing the best assisted reproduction clinic. Currently, there is a wide-ranging supply of fertility clinics but not all of them meet the expected requirements of customers.

Success rates

In Spain, the Spanish Fertility Society -a scientific body supported and funded by the Ministry of Health- keeps a register.

Signing up to the register is voluntary but the society audits the results, which means that only data that is considered to be accurate will be published. Therefore, if a clinic is inscribed in the register it does at least ensure transparency. Through looking at the percentages published, which can be consulted online, it is possible to find out the highest success rates for a particular city or country.

fertility clinic

Professional team

Prior to a visit, you should be able to consult with and meet the medical team who will oversee treatment. It is also worth considering that a large medical team will ensure better follow-up.

Quality assurance and customer service programmes

The same as with other industries, fertility clinics can obtain quality certifications, awards and recognitions. Quality certifications on an international scale, such as ISO 9001, are standards that are difficult to achieve but which can ensure extensive advantages for customers: transparency, previously-established protocols that are reviewed periodically, proper registration of data, data protection as stipulated by the law, individualised and personalised service and other factors which render treatment a safe and high quality process.

Technological means

All specialist fertility clinics will have full technological means at the customer’s disposal, while many clinics today are really little more than health consultation centres. Being able to provide the customer with clinical analysis and an embryology and andrology laboratory, with the latest technological equipment such as the Embryoscope, EmbryoGlue, and PICSI, is not commonplace in most fertility clinics.  Conducting both the diagnostic study and comprehensive treatment in the same place ensures optimum traceability as regards treatment.

The customer always has the last word and the fertility clinic is obliged to ensure that customers receive optimum treatment and service. Often, whether a treatment is successful or not comes down to the afore-mentioned and seemingly small considerations.

At ProcreaTec, our protocol is adapted to the requirements of individual people. We believe in customised medicine in which the therapies used are tailored to a person’s particular medical condition.

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