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EGG DONATION, A TREATMENT WITH HIGH SUCCESS RATES Egg donation is a safe and effective treatment that offers many women, who are no longer fertile, the opportunity to get pregnant. In 2017, around 8 in every 10 egg donation treatments undergone at ProcreaTec resulted in pregnancy. What does an egg donation treatment consist of? It is an assisted reproduction procedure in which healthy eggs from an anonymous donor are used to create an embryo, which will then be transferred into … Continue reading EGG DONATION, A TREATMENT WITH HIGH SUCCESS RATES

Travelling for egg donation

The thought of having to travel for egg donation is always stressful for a couple if they have to do so. How long will they have to stay in the city where the egg donation will take place? Where will they stay? How will they get there? How much will it cost? Don’t get overwhelmed with anxiety; the centre’s coordination and patient care service will help you, providing support at all stages of the process. Duration of the visit First … Continue reading Travelling for egg donation

Egg Donation Treatment at ProcreaTec

Egg donation is procedure where an anonymous donor gives her oocytes to a woman who wants to become a mother but can´t with her own eggs. The donor (between 18- 35 years old) offers her eggs altruistically to another woman who, for reasons of age, previous surgery, previous chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, amongst other causes has not been able to conceive with her own eggs because of their lack of quality or quantity. FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation  

FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation

Egg Donation

How many egg donation treatments are carried out per year? We do roughly 600 egg donation cycles per year. Are there are any restrictions to treatment at the clinic? We do have an age limit – women are accepted as patients until their 50th birthday. We treat single women, unmarried and married heterosexual and homosexual couples. What are ProcreaTec’s success rates with donor eggs? Our success rate with donor eggs is around 60%. Please see here Do you use frozen … Continue reading FAQ on IVF with Egg Donation

Ovarian stimulation

Ovarian stimulation

What does it consist of? It is a necessary process for optimising the number of eggs produced in one cycle to ensure that IVF treatment is as productive as possible. Generally, the menstrual cycle of the person receiving treatment is changed and stimulation is brought about through hormone therapy. Administering hormones usually enables an optimum number of follicles, containing eggs, to be obtained. Throughout the process, the person receiving treatment should visit the doctor regularly to monitor the effects of … Continue reading Ovarian stimulation

ProcreaTec attended inviTRA 2013, the first Assisted Reproduction Trade Fair in Spain

As professionals of Assisted Reproduction we were convinced that it was crucial to attend the first Assisted Reproduction Trade Fair, from the time inviTRA invited us to attend at the beginning of 2013, so that all those people interested in undergoing fertility treatments would be exposed to the best industry professionals. ProcreaTec, International Fertility Centre, has specialists in assisted reproductive treatment with over twenty-five years of expertise and our patients are given full access to all assisted reproduction techniques and … Continue reading ProcreaTec attended inviTRA 2013, the first Assisted Reproduction Trade Fair in Spain

Reasons why Women Decide to Become Egg Donors

Recipients of eggs often ask why a young and fertile woman would decide to donate her eggs. Being a donor isn’t easy and, for women to donate eggs, they must undergo a stimulation cycle with daily injections for ten days, followed by an egg retrieval operation under general anaesthetic, and the associated discomfort and risks involved. Although the process has an economic incentive, the egg donation process is both emotionally and physically difficult. Dr. Jennifer Rayward explores the reasons why … Continue reading Reasons why Women Decide to Become Egg Donors

Female solidarity

Over the last ten years egg donation has risen. The empowerment of women and the dilemma faced by women of choosing motherhood or having a career have led to an increase in the age at which women have their first child. In Spain it is 31.6 years. By delaying motherhood, pregnancy becomes less likely, although this can be helped with egg donation. Increased life expectancy and a rejuvenation of society (40 is the new 30) means that women who are … Continue reading Female solidarity