What does the success of an IVF cycle depend on?

  What does the success of an IVF cycle depend on? To achieve a pregnancy, the elements needed are: an egg, a spermatozoon and a receptive endometrium in an adequate uterus. However, the success of the fecundation process depends on a few factors: Oocyte quality: When the ovarian puncture is performed, it is uncommon for all the retrieved eggs to be of high quality. The most common situation is to find a few mature oocytes, others that are non-viable and … Continue reading What does the success of an IVF cycle depend on?

Post Embryo Transfer Symptoms

Post Embryo Transfer Symptoms An array of symptoms can manifest after an embryo transfer. Although many of these symptoms would usually go unnoticed, while waiting for a pregnancy test result, the most seemingly insignificant symptom can become the biggest worry Period pain post-IVF and tightness in the ovaries These symptoms are very frequent, but not very bothersome. This symptom is due to the effect of the progesterone (Utrogestan or its equivalent medication) in the endometrium. These symptoms should not be … Continue reading Post Embryo Transfer Symptoms

Hypothyroidism, nutrition and fertility

It is world nutrition week. We want to focus this article on the importance of having the right thyroid hormone levels throughout the development of the fetus. As such, we will provide you with a few nutritional suggestions to help you maintain the recommended thyroid levels in a healthy way. Why is it important? Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormones, especially T4, are a critical factor in the development of the central … Continue reading Hypothyroidism, nutrition and fertility